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Our Spotless Water System

Will Save Your Business Money

If you’ve ever owned a typical DI (deionization) resin water filter like the CR Spotless, DI Rinse, On the Go, etc… you have probably noticed the resin doesn’t last long.

It’s estimated that around 85% of the US has hard water. It gets annoying fast when your resin depletes quickly because of the high amount of dissolved solids in our water.  

The harder your water the harder you are causing your DI resin to work. The less hard your water the less hard it has to work.

In typical DI water systems, the hard water goes directly through the DI resin. Therefore the DI resin does the heavy lifting.

system Features

of the G.1 Spotless Water System

Spotless Water Guy

Our Spotless Water System comes pre-set. You only need to make a few connections, and your system will be up and running in no time.
The G.1 features top-of-the-line features that make it great at its job.

Custom Fabricated Wall Mount Plate

Each wall plate is proudly made in the USA. They are machine fabricated to precision and powder coated white. 

Stiffening brackets are added to the back of the panel for extra reinforcement and rigidity. You’ll notice all of the plumbing lines have been concealed behind the panel. This serves a few different purposes. First and foremost it looks way better. Each piece of equipment is uniquely highlighted on the front of the panel by doing this. It also helps to protect your water lines from accidental bumps and bruises. The end result is functional art. It looks and performs amazing.

Each hole where the plumbing lines run has a high quality rubber casing to help eliminate possible friction issues on the water lines. This is particularly helpful in mobile applications where the system is being mounted in a van, truck or trailer. A mounting bracket comes with each system to help make installation a breeze.

Pre-Filter System

Your pre filters play an important role in the preservation of your RO membrane 

Water coming from our local municipality has chlorine in it and RO has a zero tolerance for chlorine. Your pre filters help to remove the chlorine thus protecting your RO membrane. It’s important to change out these pre filters regularly. We recommend every 1-2 months however depending on your water usage you may need to change them out sooner. The beauty of buying one of my systems is that it uses non proprietary filters. This means I don’t hold you hostage and force you to buy filters that only work with my system. You can buy these pre filters just about anywhere. 

They cost around $25 a piece to replace. If you buy in bulk you can drive that price down even lower. I do offer pre filters for purchase. 

Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Your RO membrane is your work horse.

It’s removing up to 99% of the TDS (total dissolved solids) from your water. These dissolved solids murder DI resin. This is why the resin in systems like the CR Spotless, DI Rinse, On the Go, etc… doesn’t last very long. When you introduce hard water to a straight DI system, you’re causing your resin to work really hard. 

This is the entire reason I designed and brought to market the G.1. It drastically reduces the TDS in your water by leveraging the power of Reverse Osmosis. When you reduce the TDS in your water it allows your DI resin to stretch much much longer.

Your RO membrane can last 1-3 years depending on care and source water factors. 

NEW Sight Glass

We’ve added a new sight glass on the front of the pump with a red ball in it so when the system is on you can see movement. It’s just freakin cool. If the system is on and you don’t see the ball moving, you know you’re not getting any water flow. This sight glass is standard on all Spotless Water Systems that we sell. 

Automatic on/off Float Switch

You’re busy and you don’t have time to monitor the water level in your water tank.

The float switch is your best friend. It mounts in your water tank and connects to the system. When your tank is full it tells the system to shut off. If you are working on a big job and the tank starts to get low it can turn itself back on again. It’s a pretty cool feature. The float can be in turbulent conditions. Its not going to hurt anything if it’s swinging around a bit in your tank as you’re driving down the road.

For those who don’t use a water tank such as window cleaners or solar panel cleaners we can send you a system without the float switch. We just make it manual so you can turn it on and off yourself. 

For those that don’t have space to mount this system in your van or trailer. We can build you an optional quick disconnect for your float switch. This means you would install the float switch as normal in your tank in your mobile rig. When you get home, you take out the cord and connect it to your wall mount in your garage or other location with just a simple connection of the two cords together. 


NEW FEATURE: “AquaSmart”

This green indicator light means the DI resin is still good or “spot-free” when the light turns red it means it’s time to change out the resin. It’s set to turn red at 2.5 ppm. The AquaSmart add on will be an additional $400 and based on availability as these high quality pieces can be difficult to source.

Easy Setup

We’re bringing you a system where 99% of the work has been done for you. We really could not have made it easier for you to install. 

The blue hex indicates clean water hook up. The G.1 has an average 2:1 waste/clean water ratio. This means for every 1 gallon of clean water you make you will waste approx. 2 gallons. This is surprisingly good when compared to kitchen sink RO’s which can waste up to 4 gallons to produce 1 gallon of clean water. Our booster pump allows for more efficiency.

When you purchase a system from the Spotless Water Guy you become a member of our family. The service you get is unparalleled. We’re passionate about this stuff and we want to see you succeed. Please click on the schedule a call link if you are interested in purchasing. 

in line tds meter

Monitor your water hardness at each stage of filtration. Line 1 shows how hard your water is as it leaves the sediment and carbon block. Line 2 shows how hard your water is coming out of the RO. Line 3 shows how hard your water is coming out of the DI housing (000). 

You have complete oversight into what’s happening at each stage of filtration.

When you see your TDS meter read 001 you know its getting time to change out your resin. 

Deionized Resin
Filter System

You’ve just learned the secret to long lasting DI resin. 

With up to 99% of dissolved solids now removed you are ready to take full advantage of your expensive resin. 

In our DI canister we include a modification that allows you to pack it as full as humanly possible. We ditched the plastic cartridges which waste space. What you get is a down rod. It connects under the housing lid. This increases the amount of resin you can put in the canister by about 30%. You’re now making insane amounts of spot-free water. 

need help?

Our Spotless Water System helps mobile car detailers, window washers, solar panel cleaners, wash without leaving any spots or hard water residue. This can help save businesses 1000’s of dollars compared to straight DI resin systems. 


Take Your Business to the Next Level
With the G.1 by Spotless Water Guy

Spotless Water Guy


Whether you’re a car detailer, window washer or solar panel cleaner the benefits of using purified water are indispensable. Take washing an RV as an example. The fact that you don’t have to chase your tail to dry the dang thing before water spots start showing up is incredible. We see spotless water as the most important tool we carry in our arsenal. It helps you to save time, it’s a safer way to clean and you will save money on DI resin with our Spotless Water System.


I was paying around $0.65 a gallon for spotless water with the CR Spotless. I was only getting around 400 gallons before having to replace the resin. My cost with the spotless water booster is between $0.01 to $0.02. This is made possible with our prefiltration process which reduces dissolved solids up to 99% before being introduced to the DI resin. It’s truly game changing for those that need large quantities of spotless water for their business.

Want to learn more about our amazing product? Call us at 844-783-7646 or email us at to schedule a free demo.

consistent results

Spotless water is amazing. Wash it, rinse it and then let the sun do the rest for you. I cant tell you how much time this has saved me in my own business. Its also one of the safest ways to clean. If you’re working on an expensive car you can be guaranteed no hard water spots will ever form (even in the cracks and crevices which you couldn’t reach)

Easy set up

We’ve done 98% of the work for you. The goal behind this system was to make it easy for someone to purchase and install with little effort. You’ll need to connect a few hoses and fittings and then you’re in business. It comes with everything you need to start making spot-free water almost immediately. We supply the water system only. The only thing it doesn’t come with is a water tank. You will need purchase that on your own. 


Most Frequently Asked Questions

No. This is one of the biggest questions we get. You cannot directly feed the water coming out of the water system into your pressure washer. RO is unique in how it purifies water. It requires pressure and like a car once it builds up to pressure (or speed), you want to keep it there as long as possible for best results. The more it starts and stops the less effective it is at reducing TDS levels… As the system produces water it needs a place to go. This system MUST be used with a holding tank. Even a small 50 gallon tank will do the job.
No. That’s the beauty of ordering one of our systems. We include an automatic on/off float switch. As the level in your tank reaches its highest level the system will shut off on its own. On the other side. If you’re out washing a large motor coach and you start to get low on water. It will also kick the system back on again to start producing more water before you run out. It’s an awesome feature. Common sense warning, things can break we recommend periodic checks to ensure your float switch is always operating as intended. We also do not recommend installing this system in a basement for reasons mentioned above. We are not responsible for flooding.

I’ve received a ton of questions over the years and this was probably my favorite, it caused me to pause and think for a minute. This system is built like a tank however like anything in life improper use/care can cause damage to your system. Here is how you can break it… you turn your system on without any water flowing through it. This is the fastest way to destroy your pump. Good news is if you do by some chance destroy your pump it’s once of the easiest repairs you can do on the system. It’s also one of the most expensive so be sure there is always water flowing through your system when you turn it on. We’ve included a sight glass as a visual indicator of water running through your pump. If you turn your system on without any water you’re going to hear it squeal like a pig. It’s loud and there is no mistaking the sound it makes. If you hear it shut your system off immediately and turn your water on.

Another way you can cause damage.. not changing out your pre filters regularly. Your pre filters play an integral role in the efficiency of your system. Your RO membrane has a zero tolerance for chlorine. If you go too long in between filter changes you can cause chlorine to start breaking through the carbon block and it will foul your RO membrane quickly. We recommend you replace your pre filters once a month. Based on your own water usage you may be able to go longer. You can visually inspect your sediment filter by unscrewing the filter housing and pulling the sediment filter out. If it looks brownish at all it’s time to replace. Change out your pre filters regularly to protect your RO membrane. Good proper care can allow your membrane to last up to 3 years. Improper care 1 year or less.

Here’s another way you can break it. Don’t exceed the pressure rating for your RO membrane. They are designed to be operated at specific thresholds. If we say don’t exceed 100psi keep it there. Too much pressure can cause you to blow through your RO membrane. Again take care of your system and it will take care of you.

Another big question we get and one we want to answer for you but it depends.. your water quality is the biggest contributing factor to this question. To give you a general idea.. I have very hard water in AZ it’s around 400ppm. I’m getting approx 2,500-3,000 gallons of spot-free water on .25 cubic ft which is enough to fill up your water system one time. In other words if you bought a 1 cubic ft bag of resin that’s enough to fill up your system approx 4 times. I’m averaging 10,000-12,000 gallons on 1 cubic ft of resin. Your individual results will vary. It’s also depends on the kind of water your introducing into the system well water vs tap water can impact these numbers for better or for worse. The fact is your reducing the TDS levels in your water and by doing so your prolonging the life of your DI resin.

No we do not. We only sell fully built complete water systems. If you order from us and a part goes bad of course we will work with you to order a replacement part for your system.
4.5 ft long by 3.5 feet wide. The width includes space to unscrew the filter housings and drop them down for replacing. We do offer the same system with smaller filter housings for those that are really tight on space.
It’s incredibly quiet. The motor gives off a light hum while the bypass valve which is restricting flow to the RO has a subtle hiss to it. It’s the sound of making money!
We have water systems that will produce anywhere between 1-2 gallons per minute. The G.1 is 1gpm. The G.2 is 2gpm. We wanted our customers to be able to make ample amounts of water while out on a job. Remember if you have a pressure washer that consumes more than 2 gallons a minute you’re still probably going to be good… while cleaning are you holding down the trigger of your gun the entire time? No you’re not. As you stop and complete other tasks the system is still filling your tank to build up more supply.
Yes we offer a 1 year warrantee on all mechanical parts with proper use

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